Providing magazine-quality portraits for everyday women.

Our experience has always been about freedom – to express your individuality, your style & personality, and the freedom to tell your story with images that reflect who you are. We’re here to capture your TRUE self and we believe you deserve to be celebrated with a photo shoot that authentically represents your legacy for the rest of time. Our mission is simple: for all women of all ages and sizes to know their true beauty exceeds what you find in mainstream magazines.

Whether you’re in need of new headshots, grad card photos, boudoir imagery to gift your partner (or just for you!), or photos of you with the people you love most, we tailor your needs into a dream photoshoot. Our style is fashionable, bold, bright, and a little offbeat.

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Hi, I’m Michelle, and I’m so glad you’re here! I’m currently living amid the beautiful Arizona landscape with my husband, our three beautiful, blue-eyed children, and our three dogs. As you might imagine, my day-to-day life is chaos and anything but glamorous. I’m an artistic fashion addict with rock-n-roll taste and a huge love for the arts. I love creative writing and working out, and I have a passion for living minimally and cruelty-free beauty.


In 2011, my mother passed away after a 6-year battle with ovarian cancer. It was then that I realized the only tangible memories I had of her lied within a few photos. She wasn’t big on getting her photo taken but I still reprimanded myself heavily for not taking more while she was alive. This is why I’m a photographer. I feel like I need the world to know that now is the time to get yourself in front of the camera because, if not now…when? Don’t answer that with, “After I lose weight,” etc. I’ve heard all the excuses. But tomorrow is not a guarantee, my friend. I’ve experienced that first hand, and I think we can do better.


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My husband, Matt, and I shoot together a lot.
Some of my favorite behind-the-scenes shots are to the right.

Below are a few of my favorites. See anything we have in common?

PERSONAL JAM // hella good by no doubt – rock’n’roll forever!
SECRET TALENT // organizing
TAKE MY MONEY // tata harper, may lindstrom, sigh
FAVORITE SEASON // winter. give me all the snow.
GUILTY PLEASURE // watching my favorite sitcoms over-and-over. seinfeld, why can’t i quit you?!
ALTERNATE JOB // rock singer
VACATION OF CHOICE // sightseeing in Europe
FAVORITE FOOD // cereal. all day.





MK Studios is an Arizona-based photography studio specializing in visual content for brands and female portraiture.






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